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Date: March 3 2000
Fandom: Gatch
Summary: Jun remembers and grieves.
Size: 17K

Date: March 3 2001
Fandom: Gatch
Summary: Jun remembers and grieves.
Size: 16K

Date: May 5, 2001
Fandom: Angel
Summary: A version of the weirder and more lyrical beginning
of 'Breathless'
Size: 7K

Date: October 28 2001
Fandom: Angel
Summary: Sequel to Two Breathe. Currently giving me guff.
Thanks to Duff, I know of Tea Party which seems to be writing
for issues pertaining to the show. Kick ass music invading the mood.
Word document copy over here this.
Size: 41K

Breathless (Dec 29 2001)
Date: Dec 29 2001
Fandom: Angel
Summary: Most recent edition of 'Breathless'. I oughtta just
write this puppy out but can't decide if Wes is being bitten
by a vamp or not. Word doc over here.
Size: 57K

Breathless (txt)
Date: November 26 2001
Fandom: Angel
Summary: Contains the Wesley attacked by a vamp scenario.
Size: 25K

Date: January 20, 2002
Fandom: Angel
Summary: Finally added a fight scene. Think I'm hating it.
Angel fighting Morris Day & the Time wannabes', I think that's
a trip.
Size: 25K

Comfort of Snow (Working Title)
Date: December 30, 2001
Fandom: Angel
Summary: Cordy's momma shows up during the holiday season.
She's in need.

The Criminal And The Shadowboxer
Date: Dec 18 2001
Fandom: X-Files
Summary: Mulder and Phoebe 18 years ago at Oxford.
Started in February of 1997, before people knew who Fiona Apple was.
This has been so hard to finish. Mainly because it makes me cry like
a child.
Size: 64K

Date: June 9, 2000
Fandom: X-Men
Summary: ALG - 'Ain't Love Grand', reflections, ruminations of clinches
kissage and smoochies.
Size: 29K

DOOX - Chapter 5 - in progress.
Date: Jan 08, 2002
Fandom: X-Men
Summary: Kassy sent me bits, and I thought of bits, and I'll see how it goes.
Might be two chapters. Dunno.
Size: 76K

DooX- Chapter 5 in progress
Date: Jan 20, 2002
Fandom: X-Men
Summary: Kassy doesn't want to keep the first Warren, Bobby scene.
JD's back in my life, so, much of the good. I'm a happy woman.
Size: ?

DooX - Chapters 5, 6 & 7(ish)
Date: Jan 17, 2002
Fandom: X-Men
Summary: Kassy and I have been writing each other. She has one
caveat - no monster danglies. I'm angling for the cavern scene as
a dangly. That's pretty monstrous, but it might fit in well for
a sequel. I think it's a good entry point for Sage.
Over the last two I've added more bitterness, more consternation, and
some Jean. I've added Warren. We need more Storm in this. Maybe a
Storm/Forge scene early on. Something to make her life at
the mansion intolerable. Also, I want to work in something about
Rogue wanting to make the school more open to students (I think Xavier
screened out more concrete thinkers). And, any feelings she has about
Remy taking off w/o saying goodbye should be addressed.
What was I thinking when I proposed we bridge the 6 month gap? I can see why
Marvel chose not to do it and instead hit 'reset'.
Size: 87K

DOOX - Kassybits 2
Date: November 29, 2001
Fandom: X-Men
Size: 29K

DOOX/WATSB - Household tasks
Fandom: X-Men
Summary: Things to do to fix a house. Taken from the 'How To
Fix Anything' book I had lying around the house.
Size: 5K

Date: November 29 2001
Fandom: X-Men
Summary: Just a bunch of scenes and scenelets Kassy's written.
Back when DOOX was 'Weather And The Single Boysickle.'
Size: 31K

Fandom: X-Men
Summary: Schmaltz with promise.
Size: 54K

Earth and Air(doc)
Date: Jun 25 2000
Fandom: Gatch
Summary: Sequel to 'Ash'. The survivors survive.
Oddly enough, there was no music in the writing of this.
It slid off to relevance with what eventually became 'Whitest Days'.
Size: 16K

Earth and Air(txt)
Date: Jun 25 2000
Fandom: Gatch
Summary: Sequel to 'Ash'. The survivors survive.
Size: 10K

Earth and Air(doc)
Fandom: Gatch
Summary: Sequel to 'Ash'. The survivors survive.
Date: July 16 2000
Rating: R
Size: 52K

Full.3 (txt)
Date: June 26 2001
Fandom: Trek - TOS
Summary: So, I wanted to write the second Amanda/Sarek story
and the chorus for the song that I can't yet find (Joy unspeakable!
Joy unspeakable! Full of Glory! Full of Glory!
). There's something
about that powerful chorus that lifts me up with wonder, dread and hope...
Final copy of "Full" was written as part of the 3rd Annual/2001 Holiday Project for Cfan
. Size: 4K

Full.4 (txt)
Date: June 26 2001
Fandom: Trek - TOS
Size: 3K

Fandom: X-Men
Summary: Jean deals with Scott's revelation post New X-Men?
This really sucks. Maybe'll get better.
Size: 2K

Islamic names
Summary: Islamic names culled from online sites and
translated novels.
Size: 1K

Islamic names (more)
Summary: More islamic names (places, meals, things).
Size: 1K

Japanese names
Summary: Japanese names culled from online sites and
translated novels.
Size: 6K

Date: November 30, 2001
Fandom: X-Men
Summary: Ororo is kidnapped by Loki.
Well, that's what happened back in the day, first of
the mega summer crossovers which involved Uncanny X-Men
and the New Mutants.
Size: 2K

Ken-Nambu Notes
Summary: Ruminations on Ken Washio, Kozaburo Nambu that I jotted
down while working on my Personality Psychology midterm of Fall 2000.

Date: February 2 2001
Fandom: X-Files
Summary: Season 8, my way.
No inspiring tunes. Which is pretty cool.
Size: 48K

Date: July 23, 2001
Fandom: Gatch
Summary: After completing 'Ash' this little thing tried to
make itself out of 'Pretty In Pink' and the sequel to Ash
which I now call 'Earth and Air' (back then it was just 'Ash II').
The plaintive sounds of The Cardigans' "Lovefool" insisted upon
sounding like Jun, but the Jun of 'Ash' was too burnt to be
that open, yearning girl. Insert access to Napster in 2000
and the idea that gorgeous, perfect looking guys are people too,
and that one in particular (Ken) could fall in love with a pretty
pudge (cause pretty is pretty), too much knowledge of trains
and how damaging the transgressing of physical boundaries
is for everyone who cares for the assaulted, and I got this.
And it's still growing. As usual, the end was written almost
as soon as the beginning. The middle bits? Still on the grind.
Size: 53K

Pretty In Pink
Date: September 15, 1999
Fandom: Gatch
Summary: The bare beginnings of 'Whitest Days'.
Why Jun moved out of Nambu's mansion.
Size: 2K

Streetrat - like a bird(rtf)
Date: November 28 2001
Fandom: X-Men
Summary: Chapters 1 revised, and opening of chapter 2.
First heard Nelly singing "Like A Bird" summer of 2000.
Was a rough summer, but the song reminded me of joy, and
I thought of Ororo orphaned in Cairo.
Size: 21K

Torn - Elvis Costello Notes
Date: June 7 2001
Fandom: X-Men
Summary: What EC was up to back in the day. Henry cares.
Size: 1K

WATSB (verson 17)
Date: 25 March 2001
Fandom: X-Men
Summary: So Scott died in X-Men 98. Apocaplypse got him (har).
Anyway, Kassia and I took a crack at how that would affect the
X-People AND we wanted to see if Ororo and Bobby could work
in a romantic relationship. Gates had written Bobby/Ororo in a way
Kassy and I found unsatisfying. Why make a strong woman weak?
Poi's "Rain" had convinced the pair of us, but we wanted to know
How ever is that possible?
Kassy and I have been writing
and writing. This particular draft was unsatisfying for me,
truth to tell. Kassy, though happy with it, came around and
we worked on draft two of this story. Draft to is DOOX.
Size: 160K

The Whitest Days
Fandom: Gatch
Date: October 20, 2001
Summary: Originally Lovefool this is the story I'm
gonna be hated for. Somebody wanted a reason for Ken not loving
Jun that didn't involve him being gay. This follows Sustenance'
and ties into the Between arc.
Size: 74K and counting