Welcome, to my little corner of the ether wilderness.
Here you'll find works I've done and works I've read and admired,
not all the stories I've read and admired, but pretty close.

New Stories: Buffy - Sew the Chicken by K.V. Wylie,
A Simple Use for Spells by bluebell;
Roswell - More Than Sometimes by Shana,
Push & Tactical Errors by Whirling Girl;
The X-Files - Atlas by MaybeAmanda;
X-Men - The Dark Spot & Eurydice Rising by Domenika Marzione,
My Time in Australia by MaggieCat
Vertigo: No Way Up by Kielle

Previous Updates: Gatchaman - Mischief by Naa-Dei Nikoi;
X-Men - The Alchemy Arc by Dandelion,
Beautiful Night by John Duffin;
Jean and Me: A Tale of the Marvels by David J. Warner, and
Maggie by DarkMark

Stay awhile and do let me know what you think.

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updated 14 Apr 2001