Welcome, to my little corner of the ether wilderness.
Here you'll find works I've done and works I've read and admired,
not all the fanfic I've read and admired, but pretty close.

New Stories: X-Files - Empty Compulsions by august

Anther inspired by Revolutionary Girl Utena.
Gatchaman - The Other Side by Gloria Oliver;
Ranma - Choices - The Party by Mike Noakes,
Shizuku and Wedding Night by Bridget Wildeman;
X-Men - Paints and Still Pool (a sequel to Kinds) by John Duffin;
X-Files - Grave Goods by MaybeA & Spooky247.

Last Update: Roswell - More Than Sometimes by Shana,
Push & Tactical Errors by WhirlingGirl;
X-Files - Atlas by MaybeA;
X-Men - The Dark Spot & Eurydice Rising by Domenika Marzione;
Vertigo: No Way Up by Kielle.

Stay awhile.

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updated 5 June 2001