The X-Files

Cooking With Mulder I: Nuking with Mulder

Mulder shows Scully a secret. You could call this an explosive bit of fluff.
G -7k- spoilers for Tempus Fugit

Cooking With Mulder II: Trifling Hero

Mulder waffles as he approaches a trifle.
G -15k

The Criminal and the Shadowboxer (in progress)

During Mulder's graduate days at Oxford University, he loved a brilliant
and complicated young wound by the name of Phoebe Greene.
PG - spoilers for Fire


A pre X-files fic. Dana Scully skips school and her sister leaves home.
PG -21k

Hegel Place (unfinished)

Co-written with MaybeAmanda. The apartment above Mulder is sub-letted
by graduate student Renee Gaudrault. They click.

Rest in Peace

Scully pays her last respects to the serial killer that almost took her life.
PG -5k- spoilers for Unruhe



In Between we learn that Joe and Jun were close as children, and they were,
PG - 33k


Second in command of the science ninja team (kagaku ninja tai), Sicilian-born
Joe Asakura knows he's dying but there's a lot he wants to do before he goes.
This was the first fic I posted to the Gatchaman mailing list.
PG -23k

Between II: The Long Walk

Joe's last days.
PG -75k


3rd story in the Between Arc: Jun remembers and grieves.
PG -75k

the following are unrelated to the Between Arc

Sex and the Single Swan

Written in conjunction with Lori McDonald, as a sequel to the hilarious
Secret of Red Impulse. Joe hatches a plot for Jun to catch Ken's attention. If
you're looking for rude slapstick with a semblance of plot, this is the story
for you. This has nothing to do with the 'Between' universe by the way.
PG -43 k


It's the second day of the year and Jun's in the Snack J, taking down the
holiday decorations.

Trek Fic

Joy Unspeakable

Ambassador Sarek asks Amanda Grayson a question.
G- 7K


The Lady Amanda suffers another loss and Ambassador Sarek is away.
Written for the 2001 Holiday Fanfiction Project.

NR- 14K


Ten Blue

Human astronaut John Crichton remembers Unity with Delvian Pa-u Zotoh
PG- 8K- spoilers for Rhapsody in Blue


Zhaan and John in a melding of true minds; spiritual, emotional and mental
interface in the sequel to Ten Blue.
R- 13K - spoilers for Rhapsody in Blue

Peacekeeper Tech, Gilina Renaez, is hung up on an alien she once kissed.
NR- 9k - spoilers for PK Tech Girl, Nerve and Hidden Memory

The X-Men

Days of Our X
Scott Summers is dead, the X-Folk go on as best they can.

Love Sponge
Ororo and Bobby on a long winter's day. Inspired by "Days of Our X".
R- 17K- spoilers for "Days of Our X.

Tear Sheets
Jean Grey, on her own for the first time in her life, pays a visit
to her old friend Hank McCoy, a PhD candidate at Columbia.

NR- 12K- pre-Giant Size X-Men 1 and Classic X-Men 1.

Based on John Duffin's au Dream's End epic, the Silver Fox Cycle
The issues raised between Ororo and Logan by recent events are resolved.

R- 19K- spoilers for "My Hands Are of Your Color", "Vendetta", and "Milan".

Ranma 1/2

Tout Fou for Tofu 1
Dr. Tofu sparks Akane's interest in medicine.
NR- 9k


Two Breathe
Summertime, and the living was easy? Set when Angel and Wesley
were living with Cordelia in Silverlake.
NR - 17k
Posted: 5 Feb 2001

Another Word
Some of the harsh things Cordelia's said about Angel no longer apply.
NR - 7K - spoilers for Provider
Posted: 27 Jan 2002

So Many Faces
After an unexpected and stirring telephone conversation with Cordelia,
Angel races to her apartment.
R - 21K - spoilers for Season 3 up to Provider
Posted: 2 March 2002


Suppose Mikage showed up earlier in the games?
Suppose, before Utena, Anthy had a hero in Saionji.
PG - 10K
Posted: 21 May 2001

Strangers in Paradise

Sea Mirrors
Seven years ago, at the birthday gala thrown for him
by his sister, David looked into the ocean eyes
of Katchoo and fell in love.
This is the night of the worst day of Katchoo's life.
R - 8K
Posted: 17 July 2001