The More or Less Complete Index of Storm Stories


by ebonbird

* unfinished stories.

WARNING: Some of these links lead to sites where there
are adult and erotic stories. Do not read those stories if you are considered
underage in your nation/community. Save some stuff for
adulthood or economic self-sufficiency, please.





A Silent Goodbye (Colossus)
You and Me (Xavier/Storm)

Storm_n_Wolverine Mailing List
Have You Changed? (Wolverine/Storm)
Uncontrollable (Wolverine/Storm)
Victoria's Secret

Akeko Mars
Psylocke's Phantasy
Enterludes (Gambit/Storm) - AU
One Night (Cable/Storm)

X-Men Slash Central
Like the Sea (Callisto/Storm)

Alex Sisterwolf
Alex SisterWolf's Realm of X-Men Fanfiction
Moonlight Lake (Wolverine/Storm)

Storm_n_Wolverine Mailing List
The Unknown (Wolverine/Storm)

Blue Shades
Hurricane Eye (Xavier, Scott/Jean) - Movieverse

X-Men Stories Just Because
Dance of Blood and Lightning (Dracula/Storm)

Bad Virgin
A Bra on the Ceiling (Storm/Other)
The Chemicals Between Us (Wolverine/Storm) - Movieverse
The Halloween Party or I Am a Condom
I'm Not In Love
Me And A Gun
Mirror Mirror - 'Charmed' Crossover
On The Wall - 'Charmed' Crossover
Putting the Damage (Wolverine/Storm) - MovieverseOn
They Want Me To WHAT his WHAT?!?
To Get A Goddess High (Jean, Storm)
When The Lights Go Out (Wolverine/Storm)

Argus, Serena (Aya)
X-Men: The Movie Fan Fiction Central
X-Men: The Movieverse
By Moonlight (Wolverine) - Movieverse

ArtemisN (see Johnson, Nikia)

Aya (see Argus, Serena)

Baker, Angela
Ororo and Logan Secret World
Storm_n_Wolverine Mailing List
Everlasting Love (Wolverine/Storm)
Her Majesty, The Queen (Wolverine/Storm)
Never Walk Away (Wolverine/Storm)
That's Not Me (Wolverine/Storm)

Storm Gates
Windrider Recently Returned from the Stars
BarbaraB's 11th (Iceman/Storm)Crossed Paths - Ultimate X-Men
Let It Snow (Xavier)
A Little Kitty Goes A Long Way (Shadowcat)
Refugees 2: Exelsior
Thou Shalt Not Steal

Precious Moments

Barnes, Ken (aka Imag)
Ororo and Logan Secret World
The Day After: Storm Strikes Back (Wolverine/Storm)
For All Mankind...And Other Flamin' BS (Wolverine/Storm)
The Heart of a Warrior (Wolverine/Storm)
On Bended Knee (Wolverine/Storm)
Storm's Night Out (Wolverine/Storm)
A Valentine for Storm (Wolverine/Storm)
Wolverine's Nightmare (Wolverine/Storm)

X-Men: The Movie Fan Fiction Central
X-Men: The Movieverse
Control (Sabretooth) - Movieverse

Big Bad Barnes (see Ken Barnes)

Bisclaveret, Aife
Mississippi (Gambit, Storm)

Black Queen
Realm of the Black Queen
The Storm Archive
Love in Unexpected Places (Gambit)

X-Men: The Movieverse
Basic Needs (Xavier/Storm) - 'Evolution' crossover.
What Happened To Bloodberry - (Iceman, Other) Movieverse

Bolin, Kate
X-Men: The Movie - Slash Fan Fiction
Kisses (Storm/Phoenix) - Movieverse

Sounds Like A Storm's Coming
The Storm Before the Calm

Briganti, Davide
Nehwyn's Fortress of Atom - Fan Fiction Archive
Shifting Sands
The Lone Wolf Series: The Lone Wolf and the Goddess
The Lone Wolf Series: A Demon's Dream
The Lone Wolf Series: An Unexpected Guest

X-Men Stories Just Because
*Running Blind (Cable, Domino)

The Bud
A Windrider Recently Returned from the Stars
Comforting Raies (Jean)
For Stormy
Incubation on Stormy Seas
Obstacles Overcome
Shadows That Die And Rot Away
What Life Through Yonder Flower Fades

Words on the Wind
Dancing At the Heart of the Storm
Comes To Me
*Genesis X: In the Blink of an Eye

I Never Dreamed
Still Has Worth

Partners in Crime 01 - A King Of Spades and a Queen Of Hearts
Partners in Crime 02 - A King Of Spades and a Queen Of Hearts

What Would You Say?
Woke You from Your Sleep
Through It All

These stories are linked.
Through The Mirror Alternate Arc: Destined 01 - In the Memory of Eden (Gambit/Storm)
Through The Mirror Alternate Arc: Destined 02 - As the Shadows Steal the Light(Gambit/Storm)
Through The Mirror Alternate Arc: Destined 03 - Wishing on a Distant Star(Gambit/Storm)
Degrees of Devotion 01 - A Chemical Devotion (Gambit, Domino)
Degrees of Devotion 02 - A Physical Devotion (Gambit, Domino)
Emotional Alchemy: Interludes 01 - Sublime (Gambit, Domino)

Santa's Special Angel (Wolverine/Storm)

Burke, L
Love In The Wind
Bent (Cyclops/Storm)

Campbell, Alicia
Absolute X
Disbelief (Wolverine)
Finally, A Past (Wolverine)

Candy (aka Candylynn)
Danger Room Fanfic
Ironic Siblings (Nate Grey aka X-Man, Threnody)

Candylynn (see Candy)

Card Gambit (see Ishida, Miaka)

Satyr's Dream
I Forgot to Tell You
If Only

Cherry Ice Popsicle Entertainment
Storm_n_Wolverine Mailing List
Dumb Feast (Wolverine,Storm)
Empathy (Wolverine/Storm)
Letonia (Wolverine/Storm) - Cross over(X-files)

Chester, S. (see Khylea)

Remy And Stormy Fan Fiction Archive
Sounds Like A Storm's Coming
Masquerades and Revelations 01 (Gambit)
Masquerades and Revelations 02 (Gambit)
A Little Game of Poker (Gambit)
Your Letter

CL (aka Cheryl Lynn aka Coda Voodoo aka Digital Femme)
Itty Bitty Logan Archive
Ororo and Logan Secret World
The Storm Archive
Aenid X (AU - Magneto/Storm)
A Chance of Rain (Wolverine/Storm - 4)
A Chance Offer (Wolverine/Storm - 5)
Last Chances (Wolverine/Storm - 3)
Late Chances (Wolverine - 1)
Lost Chances (Wolverine/Storm - 2)
X-Menstruals (Wolverine/Storm)

Coda Vooddo (see CL)

Abstract Insanity
Mind and Body: Storm

Collins, Gabrielle
X-Men FanFiction

Cornwell, Jason
Shifting Sands
The End of the X-Men: Storm's Last Stand

Alex SisterWolf's Realm of X-Men Fanfiction
Perchance To Dream

Cotton, AnaLyssie
Love In The Wind
Lyss' Insanity Lair
The Storm Archive
Midmorning Storm on a Beach
Sun Through the Leaves (Gambit)
That Hazy Grey (Cyclops/Jean Grey)
Tiny Shattered Dreams

Cupidore, Ryan
Danger Room Fanfic
Would You Hire This Woman?

Gambit and Storm Club
Untitled (Message 2397 & 2397)

Shifting Sands
The Storm Archive
Two Promises (Gambit)

Danse Macabre
Index of X-Men Erotica (
Unknown Love

Storm_n_Wolverine Mailing List
Feathers In The Air
Learning To Dance

Dark Childe
Love Realmz
Moonlit Gold at Rogue's Fan Fiction
Moonlit Gold

Dark Ferret
Basic Needs
The Great Ferret Fiasco


Today's Pleasant Surprise

Dee (see Titaniafae)

Diana (see Titaniafae)

Digital Femme (see CL)

Index of X-Men Erotica (
Storm's Night of Passion

Ororo and Logan Secret World
Dessert Rose (Wolverine/Storm)
Gotcha (Wolverine/Storm)
Taming Of The Beast (Wolverine/Storm)

Duffin, John
Ororo and Logan Secret World
The Poet's Logan and Ororo Shrine
Sounds Like A Storm's Coming
The Storm Archive
In Health (Forge/Storm, Wolverine)
In Sickness (Storm, Logan)
Like a Fox (Silver Fox, Wolverine - 1)
My Hands Are of Your Color (Silver Fox, Wolverine - 2)
Pale Horse (Thunderbird-Proudstar) - AU
Paints (Colossus)
Still Pool (Wolverine/Storm)
Tell Me Story (Jubilee, Wolverine)
Though I Shame to Wear A Heart so White or Epsilon (Silver Fox, Logan - 4)
Vendetta (Silver Fox, Logan - 3)

An Offer You Can't Refuse (Storm/Other) - RPG
Mentor (Storm/Other) - RPG
The Onslaught (Storm/Other) - RPG
The Visitor (Storm/Other) - RPG

X-Men Stories Just Because
As It Should Be - (Rogue) - 'Happy Families'/'Maturity in B Minor'

Ebonbird's Fan Fiction Cache
Storm Archive
*Days of Our X (Iceman, Jean Grey) - w/ Kassia
Kinds (Wolverine/Storm) - 'Silver Fox Cycle' tie-in
Love Sponge (Iceman/Storm)

Edwards, Libby
Storm_n_Wolverine Mailing List
Wolverine X-Fiction
Breathing (Wolverine, Storm, Rogue) - Movieverse
Crazy Diamond (Wolverine/Storm) - Movieverse
Demon In My View (Wolverine/Storm) - Movieverse
Lemonade (Wolverine/Storm) - Movieverse
She Walks In Beauty (Wolverine/Storm)- Ultimate
To Sleep, Perchance To Dream (Wolverine/Storm)
When Muses Attack (Wolverine/Storm) - self-insert

Alex SisterWolf's Realm of X-Men Fanfiction
Torn at the Seams (Wolverine, Phoenix) - Movieverse

X-Men: The Movie Fan Fiction Central
X-Men: The Movieverse
The Lover (Other) - Movieverse

Elizabeth (Shadows)
Stories from the Dark Side of Life
X-Men: The Movieverse
Cat's Cradle - Movieverse 20.12.00
Curiosity - Movieverse

Ephiney AmazonBard
X-Men: The Movie Fan FictionCentral
X-Men: The Movieverse
Gifts - Movieverse
Not Like the Others - Movieverse

Evil Elf
Storm XPress Story Board
Choices Made

Absolute X
Storm's Darkest Hour

Storm_n_Wolverine Mailing List
Not This Time (Wolverine/Storm)

Index of X-Men Erotica (
The Locked Gates (
The Storm Archive
Ragin' Winds (Gambit/Storm)

Waking Dreams (Wolverine/Storm)

Flores, Melissa (aka Mistiec aka Misty)
Misty (see Melissa Flores)
The Goddess Munroe
The Splintering Touch - Movieverse 'Fatal Caress IV'
Men Are From Mars, Women are From... - Movieverse

Fraser, Cassandra and Madwolf
Ro's Archive
The Storm Archive
X-Men Stories Just Because
Lost in the Shadows (Dracula, Gambit, Wolverine)

Ororo and Logan Secret World
She'll Be Here (Wolverine/Storm) - Movieverse

French Fan
The Grey Archive (
Les Trois Démons: Ororo et Karsh (Storm/Other)

Freshy (aka, Freshy Martinez)
Ororo and Logan Secret World
Storm_n_Wolverine Mailing List
Remember Me

Garken (see 'Gaarkin')

The Ordinary Archive
Truth Or Desire - (Gambit) AU

Storm Gates
3's A Crowd (Gambit, Wolverine)
*Academy (Gambit, Wolverine)
*Blindsided (Gambit)
*Cold Hands (Iceman)
*The Gemini Effect
I Try (When It's Time (I Try))
A Kiss Before Dying (Wolverine)
One Step Forward, Two Steps Back (Gambit)
*The Rain Whispers Series (Storm/Other, Wolverine)
Such Men Are Dangerous (Sabretooth, Wolverine)
What Price Honor?

Gecko of the Year
Danger Room Fanfic
Gecko's Home Page
When Storm Spends Too Much Time Around Iceman

Graham, Nora (with Mitch Kelly)
Index of X-Men Erotica (
The Locked Gates (
Mitch's Page of Delights
Ororo and Logan Secret World
Fog in the Forest (Wolverine/Storm)

Grey, Nate
Danger Room Fanfic
Nate's Place
Father Unknown (Maggot)

Griffin, Ervin Jr.
Index of X-Men Erotica (
Mi Amore Regained

Hammonds, Gladys (SuperSoul)
The Storm Archive
Supersoul's Retreat
For Love of A Goddess (Forge)
Tomb of Thieves (Gambit)
Where Time Stands Still (Cable/Storm)

The Second Chances Archive
Monster's Night Out (GenX)

Hawk, Juliana
Faline's Place
X-Men The Movie List
Faith (Wolverine/Storm) - Movieverse
Groping 101 - Movieverse AU

Kindred Souls - (Magik) Dealing with Demons 5
Pretty in Pink
Wild One Tamed

Hidden Truth
Sounds Like A Storm's Coming
Marriage Aborted (w/ Viral)

Hunn, Philip (aka Mr. Sinister)
Fonts of Wisdom
Web-Slinger X
Give Me Shelter (OFC)

Hutch (see Pamela Thalmer)

Imag (see Ken Barnes)

Danger Room Fanfic
Orbital Anomaly
The Storm Archive
These stories are related.
Crimes of the Heart (Gambit)
*Pound Of Flesh (Gambit)

Ishida, Miaka (aka Card Gambit)
CardGambit's Homepage
Thick as Thieves (Gambit, 'Stormy')

J. Marie
1001 Cold Showers
1001 Cold Showers - XMen
Symmetry 1: Two Wounded Hearts (Ororo/Remy) - Movieverse

Points Of Departure
Storm_n_Wolverine Mailing List
Crucible (Wolverine, Storm)

Jade Dragon
Storm_n_Wolverine Mailing List
Remember 1: In The Beginning (Wolverine/Storm)
Remember 2: And the Story Continues(Wolverine/Storm)
Remember 3 (Wolverine/Storm)
Remember 4: One Step At A Time (Wolverine/Storm)
Remember 5 (Wolverine/Storm)
Remember 9 (Wolverine/Storm)
Remember 10: Goodbye From A Friend (Wolverine/Storm)
Remember 11 (Wolverine/Storm)
Remember 12 (Wolverine/Storm)
Remember 13 (Wolverine/Storm)
Remember 14 (Wolverine/Storm)
What if: The Assassins (Wolverine/Storm)
Who Ever Said...

Jaded Cherub
Ororo and Logan Secret World
X-Men Movie Fanfic Mailing List
Come Closer
Tears For The Child (Wolverine/Storm)

I Am...Single!

Sounds Like A Storm's Coming
After Tonight (Gambit/Storm)
If You Can't Say No (Gambit/Storm)
A Shoulder To Cry On (Gambit/Storm)
TAG (Gambit/Storm)
Unhappy Campers

X-Men: The Movieverse
Some Enchanted Evening (Wolverine) - Movieverse

Johnson, Nikia (ArtemisN)
Index of X-Men Erotica (
Ororo and Logan Secret World
The Poet's Logan and Ororo Shrine
The Storm Archive
Against All Odds
And Then There Was None (Wolverine, Marauders)
Betrayal and Rapture (Index of X-Men Erotica)
The Body Guard (Wolverine) - AU
Father's Day
Follow Your Heart (Wolverine/Storm, Xavier)
Holiday Blues (Wolverine/Storm)
Homecoming (Wolverine/Storm)
Jealousy (Index of X-Men Erotica)
Mystic Beginnings (Wolverine)
Pages Torn from My Life (Bloodstorm)
Tender Moments (Wolverine)
Towards Understanding (Wolverine) - Movieverse
Witch Hunt (Wolverine)

Jones, Jennie
Storm Gates
The End of the Road 01- Xavier Is Dead, Long Live - The Raven?! (Other)

The End of the Road 02 -Storm and the Raven (Other)

Jones, Valerie
Minor Arcana
Valerie's X-Men Fan Fiction
Storm is a supporting character.
These are the stories of the Betrayal Arc.
Betrayal (Rogue/Gambit)
Paradox Law (Rogue/Gambit)
*The Game of Empires

These X-Files cross-overs are related.
Strange Encounter
*Faith and Dreams

The Storm Archive
The Watchstation
Divine Retribution: Murder in the First (Gambit, Rogue)
Bone and Blood (Gambit) - AU
Lost Lies (Gambit,Rogue)
Nightmares: Storm
Wind Blown (Gambit) - AU

Alex SisterWolf's Realm of X-Men Fanfiction
The Storm Archive
Looks Like Rain

Windrider Recently Returned from the Stars
For My Beloved, In Remembrance

Love In The Wind
Fender Benders And Consequences (Cyclops/Storm) - Movieverse AU

Kari Jo
Results Not Typical
River Rising (Xavier, Wolverine) - Movieverse

The Storm Archive
Days of Our X (Iceman, Jean Grey) - w/ Kassia

Danger Room Fanfic
The Itty Bitty Archives
The Storm Archive
Small Cages
The following stories are related.
To Let the Thunder Roll (Yukio)
Lightning and Yarn (Yukio/Storm)

Kelly, Mitch (with Norma Graham)
Index of X-Men Erotica (
The Locked Gates (
Mitch's Page of Delights
Ororo and Logan Secret World
Fog In the Forest (Wolverine/Storm)

Keppell, Denise
Danger Room Fanfic
Fonts of Wisdom
What Might Have Been

Kerri (Gruver)
Kerri at Mearain's
Mearain's FanFiction Universe
The Need to Touch (Gambit)
Papa's Little Angel
An Unexpected Passion (Gambit)

Khylea (aka S. Chester)
Danger Room Fanfic
Ororo and Logan Secret World
Death In The Garden (Wolverine)
Too Late (Wolverine, Other) - Movieverse

Kimry aka Robin
After Dying
Goddess Without Wings - Movieverse
Sunbathing - Movieverse

Kismet Noelani
Forces Of Nature (Wolverine/Storm) - Movieverse

Storm's Child
Storm's Maturing

Kmetyk, Luba
Fonts of Wisdom
Bearing Tidings of Joy (Colosus)

LaBouchere, Delores
X-Men: The Movie - Slash Fan Fiction
Copper Oxide (Mystique/Storm) - Movieverse

Lady Amythest (aka Marysia)
Index of X-Men Erotica (
The Locked Gates (
Lone Storm (Bishop/Storm)
Mhairie (X-Men/X-Men)

Lady Yann
Storm_n_Wolverine Mailing List
The Day the Sun Fell Out of the Sky
The Man Who Made My Momma Cry (Wolverine)
Ro Got Her Groove Back (Wolverine/Storm)

Alex SisterWolf's Realm of X-Men Fanfiction
Grant Me Grace
The Morning After (Gambit, Marrow)

Storm and Gambit Unlimited
Thought I Lost You

Storm_n_Wolverine Mailing List
Animal Behaviors (Wolverine/Storm)

Linzi aka the mutant known as Abriy
X-Men: The Movie Fan FictionCentral
X-Men: The Movieverse
Blind Storm (Wolverine, Rogue) - Movieverse
Nothing at All (Wolverine, Rogue) - Movieverse

Logan, Quinn
Danger Room Fanfic
A Difficult Decision (Gambit, Wolverine)
Obstacle Course (Wolverine/Storm)

M., Jeane
Ilyana's Waltz

M., Yasmin
Itty Bitty Cyke Archive
Love In The Wind
Orbital Anomaly
Yasmin M.'s Fan Fiction
Between Your Sorrow and Your Joy (Cannonball)
On A Wing and A Prayer
Once Upon Avalon - AU
When All We Wanted Was a Simple Dream (Cyclops)

Madwolf (w/ Cassandra Fraser)
Ro's Archive
The Storm Archive
X-Men Stories Just Because
Lost in the Shadows (Dracula, Wolverine, Gambit)

Maggie the Cat
The Storm Archive
Do You Remember? (Gambit, 'Stormy')

Majestrix Verone Windrider
Storm and Gambit Unlimited
Wyldphiyre's Phoenix Page
Bed of Roses (Wolverine/Storm)
Beloved Jewel (Wolverine/Storm)
The Brightest Gem (Wolverine/Storm)
A Change of Pace (Wolverine) - Movieverse
Circumstances (Wolverine/Storm)
The Delicate Lily (Wolverine/Storm)
Diamond in the Rough (Wolverine/Storm)
Familiarity (Wolverine, Gambit) - Movieverse
First, Do No Harm (Logan) - AU
The Fight for Ororo
Healed (Wolverine/Storm) - AU
Instances (Wolverine/Storm)
Internal Inspections Of The Brooding Kind (Cyclops)
Lamentations - Movieverse,
Moments (Gambit/Storm) - Movieverse
Normalcy (Wolverine/Storm)
Normalcy 3(Wolverine/Storm
Normalcy 4 (Wolverine/Storm
Normalcy 5 (Wolverine/Storm
Normalcy 6 (Wolverine/Storm
Normalcy 7(Wolverine/Storm)
Normalcy 8(Wolverine/Storm)
The Pursuit Of Happiness (Gambit/Storm) - Movieverse
Regaining Hope - (Cyclops/Storm) - Movieverse
To Catch a Thief (Storm, Phoenix) - AU
Underestimated (Gambit) - prequel to Micaela's "Just In Time"

Mara (see Poison Ivy)

Marka, Dimira
Bastet's Fan Fiction Forum
New Recruits
Old Friends and New Family
Truth Be Told
What is and What Never Should Be (Xavier/Storm)

What A Little Blue Mouse Told Me (Storm/Wolverine)

McCullah, Samantha
Something Wicked - Movieverse

McDonald, Lori
Lori's Corner
The Storm Archive
Music in the Key of X: The Dance
Stolen Kiss
The Value of Nothing (Rogue/Gambit)

McKenzie, Alicia
The Dayspring Archive
Stories Central
The Storm Archive
Thunder Chasing the Wind (Cable)

McMahon, Martha
The Unforgotten Country
It's Raining Cats and Dogs (w/ Beth Reynolds, and Kathleen Hallahan)

McWray, Linda
CST's X-Men
These Storm/Bishop romance stories are related.
10) Aftermath
03) Be Mine (Bishop & Storm)
04) Confessions of the Heart
02) Conversations
11) Dreams (Bishop/Storm Erotica)
01) Feeling Like a Woman Again
07) How Could You?
09) I'm Not Interested
05) Identity Crisis
06) Never Having to Say You're Sorry

Martinez, Freshy (see Freshy)

Miaka Ishida (see Ishida, Miaka

The Fantastic Sue Richard's Page
Windrider Recently Returned from the Stars
Just In Time (Gambit)
Switcheroo: Consequences and Repercussions

Shifting Sands
Don't Mess with the Weather Goddess

Ragin Wind
Haunted Past - Movieverse

Danger Room Fanfic
Love In The Wind
The Medicine Wheel
Lightning Over Elk River (Cyclops/Storm) - Ultimate X-Men
Smile Back (Cyclops/Storm/Beast) - Ultimate X-Men

Mist Maker
Always and Forever (Gambit/Rogue/Storm)
Another Woman's Man (Gambit/Rogue/Storm)
Fall'n (aka Formally If only for tonight/This need) (Gambit/Storm)
King of Sorrow
Make Over (Wolverine/Storm) - Movieverse
Only A Woman
Out Back (Logan) - AU
Power of a Goddess
Secrets (Logan)
So I Ran (Gambit)

Mistiec (see Melissa Flores)

Misty (see Melissa Flores)

Mitai, Jaya
Windrider Recently Returned from the Stars
The Sun Hasn't Risen Yet

Morrisson, Jim
1407 Greymalkin Lane
The Kindness Of An Angel (Gambit)

Mr. Sinister (see Hunn, Philip)

The Lake (Wolverine/Storm)
A Sprain Ankle (Rogue, Logan)

Storm Gates
Life Love and Being an X-Men I: (LLABAX)
LLABAX 2: Having It Both Ways ...And Getting It One

Ororo and Logan Secret World
Two Souls

Nadja Lee
Love In The Wind
A New Beginning (Movieverse)
Am I?
The Ballad of The Goddess And The Cyclops (Cyclops/Storm) - AU
Betrayal (Cyclops/Storm) - Movieverse
A Change of Pace
Choosing You (Wolverine/Storm) - Movieverse
Christmas of Tomorrow (Storm/Other) - Movieverse
A Cup Of Coffee At Lunch - Movieverse
Destined to Be (Cyclops/Storm) - Movieverse
Fearless Leader Dude (w/Sorciere) (Cyclops/Storm) - Movieverse
The Greatest Man I Never Knew (Cyclops)
Goddess of Beauty (Cyclops) - Movieverse
The Heart Wouldn't Lie (Cyclops/Storm) - Movieverse
How To Kill A Redheaded, Modern, Bitchy Doctor (Cyclops/Storm) - Movieverse
Lost (Cyclops/Storm) - Movieverse
Manuals (w/ Sorciere) (Cyclops/Storm) - Movieverse
Meant To Be (Cyclops/Storm) - Movieverse
A New Beginning (Cyclops/Storm) - Movieverse
Not Me (Cyclops/Storm) - Movieverse
The Pain of Today (Cyclops/Storm) - Movieverse
The Pain of Tomorrow (Cyclops/Storm) - Movieverse
The Pain of Yesterday (Cyclops/Storm) - Movieverse
Praise the Goddess (Cyclops/Storm) - Movieverse
She Doesn't See Me (Cyclops/Storm) - Movieverse
Step Into The Fire (Cyclops/Storm) - Movieverse
A Step Too Far (Cyclops/Storm) - Movieverse
Trapped in Darkness (Storm/Black Thunder) - Movieverse
We Hurt, We Love
What A Wonderful World (Cyclops/Storm) - Movieverse
The Wedding (Cyclops/Storm) - Movieverse

Narrow, Rachel
Marrow fic
Masks of Sorrow

NekoBaghira1x (aka NekoBaghira aka NekoBaghirakitten)
Windrider Recently Returned from the Stars
The Kiss

X-Men: The Movie - Slash Fan Fiction
Triangle (Cyclops/Phoenix/Storm) - Movieverse

Waking From The Dream

nina (aka ninamonkey)
Danger Room Fanfic
Nina's Wonderland
Double Vision
Forging Ahead (Wolverine/Storm)
The Healing Heart (Wolverine/Storm)
Life Dance (Wolverine/Storm)
No More Second Chances
No Strings (Wolverine/Storm)
Stormy's Morning After
Zero Hour (Wolverine/Storm)

ninamonkey (see nina)

Danger Room Fanfic
Spade's Art Center
The Burdens of Leadership

P., Victoria (see Victoria PJ)

PJ, Victoria (see Victora PJ)

Roaj Treasury
*Long Road (Gambit/Storm)

Pandora's Box
Genesis - Movie Fic

Danger Room Fanfic
Ororo and Logan Secret World
Paxnirvana's Circle of Hell
Storm_n_Wolverine Mailing List
Breakfast Confessions
Clear Blue Sky (Wolverine/Storm) - Movieverse
Expiation: The Goddess (Gambit)
Fire and Honor (Wolverine) - Movieverse
The Goddess Awakens
Peril of Flight (Wolverine) - Movieverse
Random Torture (wolverine/Storm) - Movieverse
Snow and Dreams (Wolverine) - Movieverse
Sun and Wind (Wolverine/Storm) - Movieverse
Wolf Among Birds (Wolverine/Storm) - Movieverse
Wolf Pursuit (Wolverine/Storm) - Movieverse

*The Flip Side (Genderswap)
Twists Of Change (Storm/Other)
Where's the Attraction? (Storm/Other)

Phinephi (see TaCora)

Poi Lass
Danger Room Fanfic
Quite Possibly Poi
The Storm Archive
Rain (Iceman/Storm)

Poison Ivy (aka Mara)
Bastet's Fan Fiction Forum
Last Night
Days to Come (w/ Harlene Quinselle)

queenB's Fan Fiction
X-Men: The Movie Fan FictionCentral
Land of the Free, Home of the Brave (Angel/Storm) - Movieverse

Quinn Logan (see Logan, Quin)

Quinselle, Harlene
Bastet's Fan Fiction Forum
Danger Room Fanfic
Behind Closed Doors
Daydream Believer
Days to Come (w/ Mara/Poison Ivy)
Don't Drink the Water
In the Arms of the Angel*
Me, Myself, and Cyclops

The Storm Archive
The Three R's
A Cold Small Place (Gambit)
Dawning (Jean Grey)

The Storm Archive
Watching (Iceman/Storm)

Ren'ai-chan's Tunnel of Love
An Innocent Bystander

Glance Of Embarrassment (Nightcrawler, Reyes)
Welcome to Bayville High

Rhapsody (see TaCora)

Storm_n_Wolverine Mailing List
Shaking Through (Wolverine/Storm) - Movieverse

This Night

Itty Bitty X-Men Archive
The Storm Archive
Thunder Storms

Jim Beam is My Valentine (Iceman,Storm) - Movieverse

Danger Room Fanfic
Weatherglass (Wolverine)

Ororo and Logan Secret World
Storm_n_Wolverine Mailing List
A First Time For Everything
Frustrated (Wolverine/Storm)
With A Twist (Wolverine/Storm)

I Hate You
Love and Life (Gambit/Courier)

Satyr's Dream

Scarlet Lady
Scarlet Lady's X-Haven Page
The Reflection in the Mirror

X-Men: The Movieverse
Preludes2: Culture - Movieverse

Shakespeare, Mark
Danger Room Fanfic
Shadowcat's Lair
Two's Company - Three's Heaven!

She Devil (aka The She Devil)
Just An Example (Cyclops) - Movieverse

Sichter, Amanda
Danger Room Fanfic
Itty Bitty X-Men Archive
The Storm Archive
The Burning Heart - AU
Remember, When Falling (Gambit/Storm)

Silver Eagle
Danger Room Fanfic
Ororo and Logan Secret World
Mutant Cripple (Wolverine/Storm)

Storm Gates
X-Men: The Movieverse
No One Else Comes Close - Movieverse
I Saw You Standing There - Movieverse

I Watched
Study Of Man
Trial By Gunfire
This Better Be Halloween

*Interactions (Gambit-Storm)

Smith, Cat
Inane & Nonsensical
LeBeau Library
The Goddess of Thieves (Gambit) - AU
Proverbs (Gambit)

Storm Gates
Child's Play (Gambit)
Parenthood (Gambit)

X-Men: The Movieverse
A New Battle (Movieverse)

Somer (see Somer Rahne)

Somer Rahne
X-Men: The Movieverse
Storm Has a What?! - Movieverse

Ororo and Logan Secret World
Bubbles (Wolverine/Storm) - Movieverse
Come to the Castle Dark Prince - Movieverse
Running with the Wolf (Wolverine/Storm) - Movieverse

Love In The Wind
Sorciere´s Madhouse
Manuals (w/Nadja Lee) (Cyclops/Storm) - MovieverseM
Fearless Leader Dude (w/Nadja Lee) (Cyclops/Storm) - MovieverseM
How To Kill A Redheaded, Modern, Bitchy Doctor (w/Nadja Lee) (Cyclops/Storm) - MovieverseM

Space Chick
Storm_n_Wolverine Mailing List
Trial by Gunfire

Tropical Depression
I Won't be Your Winter

Stieve, Tilman
Down-Home Charm
Fonts of Wisdom
The Storm Archive
Oboro (Yukio/Storm) - 'Tales of the Twilight Menshevik'

Storm and Gambit Unlimited
Storm_n_Wolverine Mailing List
Burden of Love
Drunk and Wild
Object of Desire (Wolverine/Storm/Remy)
Three Fatal Mistakes

Storm Khoo
Storm XPress Story Board
The Plot

All The Colors of the Rainbow (Wolverine/Storm) - AU
Ashes To Ashes (Iceman/Storm) - Liechtenstein II
Confessions of a Sabertooth (Storm/Sabertooth/Wolverine) - Love Triangle II
The End is The Beginning (Gambit/Storm) - Harare, Zimbabwe I
Everything in Between (Gambit/Storm) - Harare, Zimbabwe III
Full Circle (Storm/Other)
Give It Up, Turn It Loose (Gambit/Storm)
Goddess in A Blue Dress (Wolverine/Storm)
His Majesty and His Love (Iceman/Storm) - Liechtenstein I
How Long Must I Suffer (Wolverine)
Leaving Home (Yukio/Storm)
Liberation Of A Goddess (Storm/Sabertooth/Wolverine) - Love Triangle I
On Century and Van Nez
One Of A Kind Love (Love Affair) (AU - Gambit/Storm)
Patience (Gambit/Storm) - Harare, Zimbabwe II
Round In Circles (Gambit/Storm) - Harare, Zimbabwe IV
Slim Jim Summers' Wild Ride (Storm/Cyclops)
Two Sides Of The Same Coin (Storm/Sabertooth/Wolverine) - Love Triangle III
Xavier's Orphanage

Blue Eyes/Six Blades
Storm_n_Wolverine Mailing List
Barely Breathing (Wolverine/Storm)
In The Side Pocket (Wolverine/Storm)
Still Breathing (Wolverine/Storm)
The Sea Unites (Wolverine/Storm
With The Wind - Movieverse

Tabor, Jean
X-Men: The Movie - Slash Fan Fiction
If You Only Knew - Movieverse

TaCora (aka Phinephi aka Rhapsody)
Storm_n_Wolverine Mailing List
All My Thoughts (Logan)
Oh, By The Way...(Storm/Wolverine)
Writing It All Down

Storm Gates
Stormy Horizon's Series: And the Lost Shall Be Found

Thalmer, Pamela "Hutch"
X-Men: The Movieverse
Water - Movieverse

Thompson, Jason
The Darkness WithinÖ
Un-Natural Selection (Storm/Xander) - Movieverse/Buffy crossover

Thorne & Co.
Shifting Sands
Four Armadillos and a Jelly Mould

1407 Greymalkin Lane
Palin (Gambit)

Titaniafae (aka Diana, Dee)
The Goddess Munroe
Love In The Wind
The Storm Archive
the world according to carp @ viscerate
Breaking Up Is Hard to Do (Cyclops/Storm, Jean Grey) - Movieverse
A New Name (Wolverine/Jean Grey, Cyclops) - Movieverse
Nine Lives (Cyclops/Storm) - Movieverse
No More Secrets (Cyclops/Storm) - Movieverse
Property (Cyclops) - Ultimate X-Men
Secret Garden (Cyclops/Storm) - Movieverse

Catching Fire (Gambit)

X-Men: The Movieverse
Any Given Sunday - Movieverse

Triology X
Storm_n_Wolverine Mailing List
Cries of The Wounded (Wolverine/Storm)
Don't Blame The Mistletoe (Wolverine/Storm)
Nocturnal Urges
Watching (Wolverine/Storm)

X-Men: The Movieverse
Dare to Dream - Movieverse
Destiny's Guardian - Movieverse
River of Dreams - Movieverse/Subreality

Uncanny X-riter
Index of X-Men Erotica (
Fun and Games

Storm Gates
Lone Wolf And the Goddess - Re-Write

Danger Room Fanfic
Storm_n_Wolverine Mailing List
The Calm before the Storm

Storm and Gambit Unlimited
These Arms

Victoria PJ
Alex SisterWolf's Realm of X-Men Fanfiction
Love In The Wind
Alone Again or . . . (Cyclops/Storm) - Movieverse
A Harbor In The Tempast - Movieverse
In Between Days (Cyclops/Storm) - Movieverse
Invisible (Cyclops/Storm) - Movieverse
Love Will Tear Us Apart (Cyclops/Storm) - Movieverse
The Ghost In You (Cyclops/Storm) - Movieverse
No One Is To Blame (Cyclops/Storm) - Movieverse

Sounds Like A Storm's Coming
Burning Storm
Marriage Aborted (w/ Hidden Truth)
Sealed With A Russian Kiss

The Cavern
Mara Shufte

Vronsky, Natalia Melissa
Black Queen Phoenix's Homepage
Je Suis Desoles (Gambit)
Some Enchanted Evening (Sabretooth/Storm) - AU

Gambit and Storm Club msg #. 2565-2569
Our Transgressions

Wilde, Elizabeth
X-Men: The Movieverse
Hearts and Flowers (Cyclops/Jean Grey) - Movieverse, 'Falling'

Williams, Lise
A New Kinda Perspective (Gambit/Iceman)

Reflections (Gambit)
Via Email (Gambit)

Winter Rain
Winter Rain
Kiss the Rain
Infoceptor Fan Fiction
Slayers of Terror (Wolverine) - Warcraft crossover

Do You Want A Real Remy? (Gambit)
Do Ya'll Want A Stormy? (Gambit, Storm)
An X-Toy...

Ororo and Logan Secret World
Merry X-Mas Ororo - Movieverse

Storm_n_Wolverine Mailing List
Valleys and Canyons (Wolverine/Storm)

Y., Ramona (aka Yeap Wai Chen)
Absolute X
Down-Home Charm
Forgiven, Not Forgetten

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